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Pacific Northwest Dance Foundation and the Heartbeat of Tacoma Creates: A Dance to Remember

In the rhythm of life, dance is the universal language that transcends barriers, connecting communities and weaving stories that resonate through time. At the Pacific Northwest Dance Foundation, we are not just stepping to the beat; we are dancing to the heart of Tacoma Creates, a movement that celebrates the joy of creativity and accessibility.

Tacoma Creates Annual Report Unveiled! Cue the applause and roll out the red carpet, for the Tacoma Creates 2022-23 Annual Report has hit the stage! Bursting with pride, we are thrilled to be a part of this celebration, marking a third year of success and spotlighting the incredible impact of funding 56 cultural organizations throughout the City of Tacoma.

Let's take a peek at the backstage magic:

  1. $4.5 Million Dance: The grand finale reveals that a staggering $4.5 million in funding has been gracefully distributed among 56 organizations in the City of Tacoma. It's not just a financial boost; it's a symphony of support, a testament to the belief that art and culture are the beating heart of any thriving community.

  2. Over 1,100 Enchanting Programs: Picture this – over 1,100 programs swirling and twirling through the city, each one a unique expression of creativity. The stage is set for a diverse array of performances, workshops, and classes that resonate with the vibrant spirit of Tacoma.

  3. 78% Free-Spirited: The spotlight shines on a remarkable 78% of these programs, graciously opening their arms to embrace all participants. In a world where barriers often try to hold us back, Tacoma Creates is breaking free, ensuring that art is a birthright, not a privilege.

  4. Nurturing the Cultural Sector: Tacoma Creates isn't just about the grand gestures; it's about the daily dance of sustainability. This initiative is a choreography of support, fostering the financial health, collaborative spirit, and programming prowess of cultural organizations. It's a collective pirouette towards a vibrant and resilient cultural sector.

The Graceful Partner Amidst this grand dance, the Pacific Northwest Dance Foundation has been proudly swirling in harmony with Tacoma Creates. We have not just embraced the rhythm; we have become an integral part of the melody, offering dance workshops, shows, and classes that echo the goals of our community.

Our dance journey is not about outshining others; it's about illuminating the stage with the light of inclusivity and affordability. We've woven our steps into the very fabric of Tacoma's cultural tapestry, providing a dance experience that is not just accessible but also enriching.

As the curtains fall on another spectacular year, we celebrate the dance that has become a heartbeat – the dance of Tacoma Creates and the Pacific Northwest Dance Foundation. In every twirl and leap, we are not just fulfilling goals; we are creating memories, forging connections, and leaving an indelible mark on the dance floor of life.

To witness the magic, delve into the Tacoma Creates 2022-23 Annual Report and join us in a dance to remember, where the steps are light-hearted, the moments are endearing, and the rhythm is the heartbeat of a community united through the love of dance.

And don't miss our show this Saturday December the 16th and support your community.

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