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The Team

Who We Are

Pacific Northwest Dance Foundation provides dance and performing arts education to all ages and abilities. The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

●  To provide dance instruction to both dancers and non-dancers alike

●  To provide performance and choreographic opportunities for dancers who would not have these

opportunities otherwise.

●  To sponsor, host, and/or participate in events and activities that promote the art of dance and

interdisciplinary collaborations that include dance.

Tiffany Adams

Founder & President

Tiffany has been teaching dance in Tacoma for 6 years. She forfeited her sole proprietorship to create this nonprofit foundation. 


Erika Lower

Vice President

An Alaska native, Erika graduated with a degree in graphic design. Among her many talents include, leader, seamstress, graphic designer, copy editor

Sarah Lesley


Lady Sarah Lesley has an extensive career in both acting and dance performance. She currently teaches Heels every Thursday and is thrilled to welcome new students into class. 

Heather Sharpe 


A former Hockey Cheerleader and proud new mom! Heather welcomes everyone with a smile and southern hospitality. 

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