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Upcoming Class Substitutions: Stay Informed!

Hey dancers! We're here to ensure you're always in the know about any changes to our class schedule. In the upcoming weeks, we have some exciting classes lined up for you, but we'll also have some substitutions to keep things running smoothly. Mark your calendars and take note of the following class substitutions:

1. April 23rd: Youth and Adult Tap Classes:

On April 23rd, both our Youth and Adult Tap classes will have a substitute instructor. We'll be welcoming back Ms. Melanie!

2. May 7th May 14th: Youth Ballet and Youth Hip Hop Classes:

Attention young dancers! On May 7th, both our Youth Ballet and Youth Hip Hop classes will be led by substitute instructors. Get ready to explore new moves and techniques while having a blast with our temporary instructors.

3. May 9th: Adult Ballet and Adult Hip Hop Classes:

Calling all adult dancers! On May 9th, both our Adult Ballet and Adult Hip Hop classes will have substitute instructors stepping in. It's a great opportunity to experience different teaching styles and techniques while keeping your dance journey exciting and dynamic.

Details about Substitutes:

- Tap Sub: Melissa Gladstone, our tap substitute, will be Directing and Choreographing Tick Tick Boom in Olympia this summer. With her wealth of experience and passion for tap, you're in for an amazing class!

- Adult Ballet: Erika Lower will be leading the Adult Ballet class on May 9th. Her graceful technique and dedication to dance will inspire and challenge you to reach new heights.

- Adult Hip Hop: Aiyanna Gutema will be taking over the Adult Hip Hop class on May 9th. As well as working with the kids in Youth Hip Hop. Get ready to groove to the beat with her infectious energy and dynamic choreography. Kids, asks Ms. Aiyanna about Gymnastic tips and tricks. She's got oodles of knowledge.

- Youth Ballet: Stay tuned for updates on the substitute instructor for the Youth Ballet. We'll announce the name as soon as it's confirmed.

Please note that Ms. Tiffany will be out of town for her Honeymoon during these class substitutions. We wish her all the best as she embarks on this exciting journey!

We're committed to providing you with top-notch dance instruction and ensuring that your dance experience is always enriching and enjoyable. While Ms. Tiffany is away, our substitute instructors will step in to guide you through an unforgettable dance experience. Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow with different instructors, and let's make the most of these upcoming classes together!

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