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Our Work

Part of our mission is to educate around performance. While we love dancing for ourselves in the mirror, camera, and classroom; we also love sharing our work live for an audience. This also allows for those who would rather work behind the scenes to showcase their talents as well. 


in Wonderland

Alice reflects back on growing up. This coming of age tale follows Alice down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland where she learns the importance of order, dedication and confidence. 

A Christmas Carol PNWDF

Eloise Scrooge was a social media influencer who cared more about her online presence than real world relations. 

A Journey

to Oz

Dorothy found herself quarantined and bored. Maybe it was Covid-19 that brought forth her fever dream into the magical land of Oz where she was reminded of the importance of friendship, courage, education and compassion. 

A Journey to Oz PNWDF
Nutcracker PNWDF



The dance studio at night gets invaded by mice, and two magical nutcrackers who help whisk our audience far away to visit the magical lands of Snow and Sweets. 



We were proud to participate in the Tacoma Dance Studios Showcase. Tacoma Dance Studios has been our home base for roughly 4 years. They offer belly dance, salsa, Zumba, bachata, and burlesque classes for adults. 

PNWDF Tacoma Dance Studios Recital
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